Grape Cruet for Oil and Vinegar

Grape Cruet for Oil and Vinegar

Olive Oil Is Very Healthy, Yet It Is A Fat

We can say that oil is simply a fat. The melting point of this compound is practically the only aspect that differentiates it from other fats. All fats that have a solid aspect when placed in a room temperature are labeled as fats, while those that take a liquid form are considered oils, both in the common and scientific usage. As most of us probably already know, there are two types of fats: animal and vegetable. While we can easily pour the popular vegetable fats, such as olive oil, corn oil and safflower oil into different vessels, the animal fats will always remain firm when placed on a room temperature.  Palm, coconut and dente oils are the only vegetables fats that can maintain a solid form even when placed at a room temperature. There is practically no nutritional value in these high saturated fats.


Lubricating different foods and transferring heat would be the main two characteristics of fats when it comes to cooking. Due to their different flavor, the olive oil and some of the nut oils may include other attributes. We all need to understand all the new oil products that are being launched on the market today and how to use them properly in our culinary practices.


If you have not heard of the term triglycerides before, you need to know that this is a group of biological compounds called lipids, and include all fats and oils. The three long hydrocarbon chains, termed as fatty acids, and a particular amount of glycerol, compose the triglycerides. In order to understand the effects that these compounds produce in the culinary practices and in the body, we need to have a deeper look at the chemistry of fats, even though this will not help us the understand their nutritional and culinary characteristics. Storing energy would be the main function included in fats. Animal use fats in order to preserve fuel since these compounds can include more than twice the amount of energy compared to carbohydrates. Fats may also help us to preserve the sensation of being full for a longer period of time and they can be used in the preparation of many foods with success. The feeling of satisfaction arises from the fact that our bodies assimilate fats more slowly compared to other nutrients.


Even though many people believe that fats can bring different downsides for our health, this is not necessary true. Eliminating all fats from your diet will does not mean that you will become nutritionally correct. Never trust the diets that tell you to avoid fat consumption in order to stay healthy. In order to stay healthy and have plenty of energy during the day, we need to include food with fats in our diet. Since fats have pleased our ancestors and have helped them survive during the course of time, we can say that they are essential for a proper diet in the modern society as well. People now have access to a variety of different products from which they can obtain the necessary dietary fat supply, unlike our ancestors who were forced to hunt for their food. Even we continue to search for foods that contain a really rich taste that can satisfy our craving, advancements have forced us to considerably reduce the amounts of fat that we include in our diets. While some fats may affect our health in a negative way, we need to know that some of them are really essential to our survival. There is still a significant amount of hidden fat in every particular diet due to the intense marketing strategies used to promote the prepared foods. By eliminating all fats that might affect our health from our diet, we can considerably decrease the amounts of fats from our diet.


The question of saturation


Since more and more marketing strategies, product labels, nutritional charts, guidelines and warnings promote the terms polyunsaturated, monounsaturated and saturated, people are trying to find proper definitions for these terms? The structure of the molecule present in a particular fatty acid can be a great starting point to discover what saturation really means. Saturated fats contain hydrogen atoms that fill the whole capacity of this compound. All fats that include high quantities of saturated fatty acids will remain solid at room temperature since they are more densely packed solids as compared to the unsaturated fats. The unsaturated fats can usually be found in the form of liquid, being more exposed to oxidation and rancidity because they include a double carbon bond that can unite with other molecules. Polyunsaturates fats contain more than just a double carbon bond, and monounsaturates are fats with just one double carbon bond.


Every individual should be aware of all the sources of the fats that he or she consumes and if they are either saturated or unsaturated, each time they want to use fats in their culinary specialties. Since arteriosclerosis and high levels of cholesterol in the blood are some of the most dangerous threats that saturated fats can bring for your health, many specialists recommend a moderate consumption. You can find animal or vegetable sources of fat. We will not focus on the animal fats especially because they are composed of half saturated fats and, the other half, unsaturated fats. They also contain cholesterol. All people should learn to differentiate the animal fats from the vegetable fats. Compared to the animal fats, the vegetable fats contain more unsaturates and can be found in various raw materials. We need to concentrate more on them. It is important to know that vegetable fats do not include cholesterol. This compound is found mostly in animal fats. However, an increased production of cholesterol in the body can be triggered in some small proportions by the saturated fatty acids, even though animal fats are more dangerous. There are numerous simple and complex processes used to extract vegetable oils from their sources: nuts, seeds, grains and fruits. At least two extracted plant oils are mixed together to create some commercial oils, but you will not find cholesterol in neither of them.

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