Grape Cruet for Oil and Vinegar

Grape Cruet for Oil and Vinegar

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Grape Cruet Glass Decanter

Friday, June 20th, 2008

Grape Cruet

oil and vinegar grape cruet

Grape Cruet, a gift of an oil and vinegar glass cruet is the ideal selection for any occasion. Select one of several innovative styles of cruets and decanters for gourmet olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Oil and Vinegar Grape Cruet

The most exceptional of these styles are hand blown Bohemian glass cruets created with a glass within glass grape cluster design style. Imported from European glass manufacturers, and made from durable Simax glass.

Unique Hand Blown Glass Grape Cruet Gift Idea

Our grape cruet is an ideal gift choice for any gift giving occasion. Each grape cruet comes with closure corks individually boxed. All cruets featured on this site are made in accord with the Bohemian glass producing tradition. Witness the aesthetic value these unique cruets hold as well as the artistic skill required to make them. Cruets have originally been made from blown glass to hold condiments such as olive oil and vinegar for use in salads.

After the French introduced this elegant dining accoutrement, it dispersed quickly all over Europe. In countries that already used large amounts of olive oil and vinegar, such as Italy, it did not take long before cruets became an everyday item found on dining tables and in kitchens. Cruet designs have developed with the times without diverting from the themes of decor and purpose. Innovative and unique cruet designs have evolved in recent years. The most popular of these designs are hand blown glass cruets made into a grape cluster design.

Bronze Age artisans, from what is now the Republic of Czech, were the first to develop glass making. They started by making glass beads for necklaces and bracelets. During the Middle Ages the first drinking glasses were manufactured as well as stained glass and wall mosaics. In the late nineteenth and up through the twentieth century, Bohemia was the world’s center for glass production. This artistry is a more than one thousand years old, steeped in European tradition. It has been passed along from generation to generation. Today’s hand blown glassmakers take pride in making skillful works of glass art employing the same traditional craftsmanship.

The unique style of the grape cruet keeps olive oil and balsamic vinegar in the same glass container, without mixture, making for an interesting conversation piece on the table. The grape cruet has two separate glass vessels. The outer compartment holds olive oil and the inner vessel holds vinegar in the design of a grape cluster. Each grape cruet is separately hand blown with High quality glass by Euro craftsmen. To purchase the world’s finest oil and vinegar cruets visit

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Oil and Vinegar Salad Dressing

Saturday, June 21st, 2008

Oil and Vinegar Ready To Pour In The Cruet

Olive Oil And Balsamic Vinegar Dressing

After a long winter, the appearance of an array of fresh and varied produce in farmers’ markets and stores may awaken your desire to create a crisp, fresh salad. The invigorating and fresh flavor of fresh spring greens and heirloom tomatoes deserve to be dressed with a delicious salad dressing to liven your taste buds.

Vinaigrette Balsamic

Salad vegetables can seem rather bland and boring if not dressed with a Balsamic vinaigrette or sauce to enhance their flavor. You can easily remedy this by creating a dressing that will complement each flavor and bring out the freshness and uniqueness of the produce you are using.

If made incorrectly, salad dressing can actually destroy the wonderful flavor of the fantastic fresh vegetables you are using, and, if the proportions of oil and vinegar are incorrect you may find that the whole dish is rather spoiled! It is not necessary to be a culinary expert to follow the few simple guidelines below to help you avoid the prospect of a disastrous salad.

To create the perfect salad dressing at home an emulsifier is needed, that is to say to create an emulsion. An emulsion is something that assists ingredients such as oil and vinegar to combine.

A good emulsifier can be found in the form of mustard. There are many different varieties of mustard, Pommery and American golden brown such as Gulden’s to name just two. French Dijon mustard is another variety that may be used but is sometimes eschewed because its flavor is too sharp. Other emulsifiers can be found in raw egg yolk, though the risk of salmonella may be a deterrent to some. If none of these appeal and fast and simple emulsion can be created by blending together oil, vinegar, herbs, olives or even soft cheeses, goat or feta cheese work very well. You may also consider including some citrus or soft fruit.

Oil and vinegar dressings are a healthy way to dress fresh green garden salads. A balsamic vinaigrette can always be used as a marinade as well.

Oil and Vinegar Dressings

Friday, June 20th, 2008

Oil and Vinegar Cruets

Oil and Vinegar offers a healthy alternative to salad dressings and toppings. With spring in mind, create delicious salad dressings to complement abundant fresh local produce.

Oil and Vinegar Dressings

With the advent of the season of spring, stores and markets will be displaying a vast array of fresh produce. This is a time to make best use of these seasonal fruits and vegetables and to address dietary needs. Fresh delicious salads and grilled fish, meat and poultry can be substituted for the type of cuisine normally enjoyed when the weather is cold. If your quest is to start and maintain a healthy diet there is no better way than to prepare salad dressings at home. By creating and preparing your own recipes as opposed to shop bought varieties you can ensure that there are no harmful ingredients invading your food and your fat and sodium intake can be easily controlled.

classic vinaigrette

Creating a dressing from your own recipe has many benefits and allows you to enjoy the flavors that you enjoy most and is a healthy way to use the ingredients that you prefer. Making a dressing for salad is simple and to start you on your way to creating your favorites try mastering a classic vinaigrette.

How A Grape Cruet Can Help When Cooking With Olive Oil

Monday, June 02nd, 2014

The Grape Cruet Can Help You By Storing Olive Oil And Balsamic Vinegar

Oil and vinegar cruets are not all created equal. There are many cruets that look identical and are made in China, but they break after very little use. This is because they are not made with the same quality of glass as the Grape Cruet found at

The Grape Cruet is the leader in the oil and vinegar decanter because it is made of a laboratory quality grade of glass, called borosilicate glass, which means that it can withstand the extreme. It is also made to last for years and not break after minimal use.

Visit to see the World’s Finest Oil and Vinegar Cruet, known as the Grape Cruet, which is something that every kitchen must have.

The Grape Cruet can help you whenever you make a recipe that involves the use of olive oil and or vinegar. If you are using Balsamic Vinegar, you will really like the Grape Cruet even more. Simply put, there are two separate compartments in the cruet, which means that you can store both oil and vinegar in the same cruet, keeping them fresh and separate from each other while you can still have an easy tip and pour, then store whenever you need to use olive oil or balsamic vinegar. You will never have to worry about the glass breaking under the acidity of any vinegar, because all the Grape Cruets found at are made of the highest quality glass and the most finest design. Even restaurants have the same exact ones on their tables, because of durability and long lasting quality.

All you have to do is pull a cork when you want to pour the olive oil or the balsamic vinegar. Just put the corks back in, and you can store your valuable extra virgin olive oil for your next recipe. No more having a mess with bottles that drip or ones that the cap won’t go back on.

You can also store your favorite vinegar and vinaigrette dressing for salads in the Grape Cruet. Now you have instant, ready, and quick salad vinaigrette dressing for your salad! You will really enjoy cooking and dining with the Grape Cruet.

Healthy Olive Oil Mediterranean Diet

Wednesday, January 01st, 2014

For thousands of years, Olive oil has been a staple food in the Mediterranean. It has passed health examination without question. Olive oil is now commonly used in cooking throughout many countries. Many chefs replace cooking fats with olive oil to promote good health because it is also low in saturated and polyunsaturated fats. Olive oil is beneficial to improving your health.

It is a proven fact that the risk of heart disease increases when blood cholesterol levels are high. This comes from eating foods that contain saturated fats and high cholesterol. Overtime, the cholesterol builds up inside the arteries and veins restricting the blood flow. This causes high blood pressure which eventually can lead to a heart attack or a stroke by restricted blood vessels that oxygen or blood ends up being cut off.

A study compares countries that consume high cholesterol foods with countries that make and consume Olive oil as well as not eating high cholesterol foods. The United States and Britain had the highest occurrence of heart disease. Greece and Southern Italy had the least rate of heart failure as did also the other regions that had fish oil in their diet.

It has been said that the consumption of Olive oil can really lower cholesterol in the blood as well as thin the blood to prevent clots and blockage of the blood vessels. Olive oil can provide a soothing effect for ulcers in addition to reducing the risk of heart failure. Doctors have prescribed a diet rich in olive oil and low in saturated fats to reduce inflammation for rheumatoid arthritis. Olive oil has antioxidant qualities that could help prevent cancer.

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