Grape Cruet for Oil and Vinegar

Grape Cruet for Oil and Vinegar

Preserving Food In Olive Oil With An Olive Oil Cruet

Preserve Food With Just An Olive Oil Cruet

How often do you cook with olive oil, especially when you use your olive oil cruet in the kitchen? How would you like to keep food fresh for longer periods of time? If you frequently make Italian food, you will really want to know this secret. For centuries, the Italians have used this method and it has been passed down for many years, until now, it seems like a new discovery! Olive Oil Cruet For Preserving Food in Olive Oil
Olive oil has come a long ways since the French, Spaniards, and Italians would preserve their garden foods. Similar to canning, they used olive oil to keep the food fresh. You can preserve almost anything you want in olive oil and it keep fresh for a long time. Many vegetables, fruits, and even some recipes can be kept in olive oil. Now, you can too.

How To Preserve Food With Olive Oil From An Olive Oil Cruet

All you need is olive oil, an olive oil cruet, a large glass jar, goat cheese, and any other flavor ingredients you may like. You can then fill the jar full of olive oil and put the goat cheese in with rosemary, dried chilies, peppercorns, and even bell peppers. You can get even bigger glass jars that can accommodate almost anything you wish. Then, you can even tighten seal the lids for added longevity.

There are many other recipes that involve marinating meats in olive oil. You can even store meat in olive oil for an extended period of time. Even better, you might like preserving fruits and vegetables that you haven’t finished using yet while making your Italian recipes.

Artichokes are even more common in Italy. When you buy artichokes, you don’t have to not get enough. You can stock up and buy as many as you want because you can still preserve them in olive oil as well! Then, you are on your way to a fresh, gastronomic jubilee a month later when making an Italian recipe with artichokes in olive oil.

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