Grape Cruet for Oil and Vinegar

Grape Cruet for Oil and Vinegar

Aceto Balsamico Balsamic Vinegar Tradition

aceto balsamico balsamic vinegar for oil and vinegar cruet

Authentic Aged Aceto Balsamico Balsamic Vinegar

Through a process that is centuries old, with such a gourmet flavor, gourmet aged Balsamic Vinegar has been ranked as the eight wonder of the world. Panels of taste testing judges grade samples of aceto balsamico and the vinegar that passes strict quality standards is Modena Balsamic Vinegar.

How Is Aceto Balsamico Balsamic Vinegar Made?

Authentic aged balsamic vinegar first begins with the cooking of overripe trebbiano grape white juice, which is referred to as the grape “must”. The must is cooked over an open fire until the sugar level rises from the water evaporation. This makes the flavor stronger and the end result is a dense liquid called saba. The saba must be mixed with existing aged balsamic vinegar and then stored in dark, wood barrels for a period of time. Alcoholic fermentation occurs and the vinegar needs to be transported into smaller new wood barrels. There is a sequence of downsizing of barrels called a battery. This means that the barrel size slowly gets smaller, like a staircase. The balsamic vinegar matures in the middle of the battery, as years pass, then it starts aging and adding flavor as more years progress during the last stages of the battery.

The balsamic vinegar rooms allow air to freely circulate and are open to all the seasons. This helps fermentation during the warm seasons and aging in the cold seasons. This is all essential to creating quality balsamic vinegar with exceptional flavor. Sometimes the aging process goes on for centuries, making balsamic vinegar a true wonder of the world.

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