Grape Cruet for Oil and Vinegar

Grape Cruet for Oil and Vinegar

Grape Cruet Glass Decanter

Friday, June 20th, 2008 1:38pm

Grape Cruet

oil and vinegar grape cruet

Grape Cruet, a gift of an oil and vinegar glass cruet is the ideal selection for any occasion. Select one of several innovative styles of cruets and decanters for gourmet olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Oil and Vinegar Grape Cruet

The most exceptional of these styles are hand blown Bohemian glass cruets created with a glass within glass grape cluster design style. Imported from European glass manufacturers, and made from durable Simax glass.

Unique Hand Blown Glass Grape Cruet Gift Idea

Our grape cruet is an ideal gift choice for any gift giving occasion. Each grape cruet comes with closure corks individually boxed. All cruets featured on this site are made in accord with the Bohemian glass producing tradition. Witness the aesthetic value these unique cruets hold as well as the artistic skill required to make them. Cruets have originally been made from blown glass to hold condiments such as olive oil and vinegar for use in salads.

After the French introduced this elegant dining accoutrement, it dispersed quickly all over Europe. In countries that already used large amounts of olive oil and vinegar, such as Italy, it did not take long before cruets became an everyday item found on dining tables and in kitchens. Cruet designs have developed with the times without diverting from the themes of decor and purpose. Innovative and unique cruet designs have evolved in recent years. The most popular of these designs are hand blown glass cruets made into a grape cluster design.

Bronze Age artisans, from what is now the Republic of Czech, were the first to develop glass making. They started by making glass beads for necklaces and bracelets. During the Middle Ages the first drinking glasses were manufactured as well as stained glass and wall mosaics. In the late nineteenth and up through the twentieth century, Bohemia was the world’s center for glass production. This artistry is a more than one thousand years old, steeped in European tradition. It has been passed along from generation to generation. Today’s hand blown glassmakers take pride in making skillful works of glass art employing the same traditional craftsmanship.

The unique style of the grape cruet keeps olive oil and balsamic vinegar in the same glass container, without mixture, making for an interesting conversation piece on the table. The grape cruet has two separate glass vessels. The outer compartment holds olive oil and the inner vessel holds vinegar in the design of a grape cluster. Each grape cruet is separately hand blown with High quality glass by Euro craftsmen. To purchase the world’s finest oil and vinegar cruets visit

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Oil and Vinegar Salad Dressing

Saturday, June 21st, 2008 12:18pm

Oil and Vinegar Ready To Pour In The Cruet

Olive Oil And Balsamic Vinegar Dressing

After a long winter, the appearance of an array of fresh and varied produce in farmers’ markets and stores may awaken your desire to create a crisp, fresh salad. The invigorating and fresh flavor of fresh spring greens and heirloom tomatoes deserve to be dressed with a delicious salad dressing to liven your taste buds.

Vinaigrette Balsamic

Salad vegetables can seem rather bland and boring if not dressed with a Balsamic vinaigrette or sauce to enhance their flavor. You can easily remedy this by creating a dressing that will complement each flavor and bring out the freshness and uniqueness of the produce you are using.

If made incorrectly, salad dressing can actually destroy the wonderful flavor of the fantastic fresh vegetables you are using, and, if the proportions of oil and vinegar are incorrect you may find that the whole dish is rather spoiled! It is not necessary to be a culinary expert to follow the few simple guidelines below to help you avoid the prospect of a disastrous salad.

To create the perfect salad dressing at home an emulsifier is needed, that is to say to create an emulsion. An emulsion is something that assists ingredients such as oil and vinegar to combine.

A good emulsifier can be found in the form of mustard. There are many different varieties of mustard, Pommery and American golden brown such as Gulden’s to name just two. French Dijon mustard is another variety that may be used but is sometimes eschewed because its flavor is too sharp. Other emulsifiers can be found in raw egg yolk, though the risk of salmonella may be a deterrent to some. If none of these appeal and fast and simple emulsion can be created by blending together oil, vinegar, herbs, olives or even soft cheeses, goat or feta cheese work very well. You may also consider including some citrus or soft fruit.

Oil and vinegar dressings are a healthy way to dress fresh green garden salads. A balsamic vinaigrette can always be used as a marinade as well.

Oil and Vinegar Dressings

Friday, June 20th, 2008 12:58pm

Oil and Vinegar Cruets

Oil and Vinegar offers a healthy alternative to salad dressings and toppings. With spring in mind, create delicious salad dressings to complement abundant fresh local produce.

Oil and Vinegar Dressings

With the advent of the season of spring, stores and markets will be displaying a vast array of fresh produce. This is a time to make best use of these seasonal fruits and vegetables and to address dietary needs. Fresh delicious salads and grilled fish, meat and poultry can be substituted for the type of cuisine normally enjoyed when the weather is cold. If your quest is to start and maintain a healthy diet there is no better way than to prepare salad dressings at home. By creating and preparing your own recipes as opposed to shop bought varieties you can ensure that there are no harmful ingredients invading your food and your fat and sodium intake can be easily controlled.

classic vinaigrette

Creating a dressing from your own recipe has many benefits and allows you to enjoy the flavors that you enjoy most and is a healthy way to use the ingredients that you prefer. Making a dressing for salad is simple and to start you on your way to creating your favorites try mastering a classic vinaigrette.

Cute Valentine’s Day Gifts

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017 10:54am

Don’t think you have to stick with the dinner and a movie rut this Valentine’s Day

there are options and different date ideas that will make this Valentine’s Day date memorable!

Gourmet Gifts

Cute and romantic Valentine’s Day ideas can include;

Cook a romantic meal at home, a spa day, Find a wine tasting winery nearby, or just visit the park for a walk or picnic . Get a card and a gift and that is where this story begins.

We all want to present a gift that doesn’t look like a last minute choice from Target or Wal-Mart,

We want special… Read the rest of this original post 1-15-17 here.

Here is a site for gourmet gifts.

Oil and Vinegar Cruet For Italian Cooking

Tuesday, October 07th, 2014 3:51pm

oil and vinegar cruet

Did you know that the World’s Finest Oil And Vinegar Cruet is available today for your kitchen?

There are so many oil and vinegar cruets available to buy, but there is a distinct difference when some of the most popular designs are featured on gourmet restaurant and Italian Restaurant tables and the others are not. What it comes down to is one important difference. Quality. Made of the highest durability glass, the integrity of the Grape Cruet is very high and is made to last for years. Many other cruets may look similar, but unless they come from, beware that they may not stand the test of time when you have your valued balsamic vinegar and olive oil, they may break. But not so with this unique Grape Cruet, New York Restaurants and Italian Restaurants feature them on their tables for this very reason. They want a fine gourmet appearance that will last for many years without breakage.

Featured on many restaurant tables, the Grape Oil And Vinegar Cruet is perfect for storing and using your olive oils, vinegars, or salad dressings without a mess and while preserving flavor, especially when making Gourmet Italian Recipes.

Even though the Grape Cruet is found in many different restaurants, that doesn’t mean that your kitchen should go without one! When you begin cooking Italian recipes and making Italian food, you will quickly realize the need of an oil and vinegar cruet, and your kitchen or dining table will soon feature the same ambiance of the grape cruet, just like on the restaurant table!

For starters, here is an Italian Recipe:

Italian Cheese Omlets

• Two tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
• One eight teaspoon oregano
• One eight teaspoon white pepper
• One half cup Bel Paese Italian cheese
• One quarter teaspoon salt
• One tablespoon parsley
• One tablespoon water
• Three eggs
• Two tablespoons butter

Chop the parsley leaves. Then slice or grate the cheese into small slices. Beat the eggs and then mix in a bowl with the oregano, water, and then add salt and pepper. Add in the cheese and parsley and mix well. Place the butter with the olive oil in a saucepan on medium heat. Before it begins to bubble, add the mixture in and begin to brown. Turn over carefully after wrapping in the edges and begin to brown the other side. Serves two on a serving platter. For more great Italian recipes, please visit

The Olive Oil Cruet Is Part Of The Mediterranean Diet

Friday, October 03rd, 2014 6:20pm

One of the largest parts of the Mediterranean Diet is olive oil, and the popular olive oil decanter is the Olive Oil Cruet.

Thus, for all your Italian recipes, you will need a quality olive oil cruet, one that will last for many years.

Shrimp, seafood is another category of the Mediterranean Diet. In Italy, shrimp is a very popular treat and is known as scampi. Here is an Italian shrimp recipe, that uses only the finest gourmet extra virgin olive oil for the shrimp.

• Two pounds raw scampi or shrimp
• Three quarter cup extra virgin olive oil
• Three quarter teaspoon sea salt
• One half teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
• Two cloves garlic
• Three tablespoons of chopped parsley

Dice the garlic. Wash the shrimp, remove the entire shells, and remove the veins. Wash again and drain well, then mix the garlic, olive oil, parsley, salt and pepper together. Place the shrimp in the combination for one hour and marinate, turning them often. Remove the marinated shrimp and spear with long skewers before placing them on a baking sheet. For ten minutes broil the shrimp and baste to marinate and turn the skewers several times. Serve five or less with sliced lemon wedges for extra flavor.

How A Grape Cruet Can Help When Cooking With Olive Oil

Monday, June 02nd, 2014 1:50pm

The Grape Cruet Can Help You By Storing Olive Oil And Balsamic Vinegar

Oil and vinegar cruets are not all created equal. There are many cruets that look identical and are made in China, but they break after very little use. This is because they are not made with the same quality of glass as the Grape Cruet found at

The Grape Cruet is the leader in the oil and vinegar decanter because it is made of a laboratory quality grade of glass, called borosilicate glass, which means that it can withstand the extreme. It is also made to last for years and not break after minimal use.

Visit to see the World’s Finest Oil and Vinegar Cruet, known as the Grape Cruet, which is something that every kitchen must have.

The Grape Cruet can help you whenever you make a recipe that involves the use of olive oil and or vinegar. If you are using Balsamic Vinegar, you will really like the Grape Cruet even more. Simply put, there are two separate compartments in the cruet, which means that you can store both oil and vinegar in the same cruet, keeping them fresh and separate from each other while you can still have an easy tip and pour, then store whenever you need to use olive oil or balsamic vinegar. You will never have to worry about the glass breaking under the acidity of any vinegar, because all the Grape Cruets found at are made of the highest quality glass and the most finest design. Even restaurants have the same exact ones on their tables, because of durability and long lasting quality.

All you have to do is pull a cork when you want to pour the olive oil or the balsamic vinegar. Just put the corks back in, and you can store your valuable extra virgin olive oil for your next recipe. No more having a mess with bottles that drip or ones that the cap won’t go back on.

You can also store your favorite vinegar and vinaigrette dressing for salads in the Grape Cruet. Now you have instant, ready, and quick salad vinaigrette dressing for your salad! You will really enjoy cooking and dining with the Grape Cruet.

Oil and Vinegar Cruet Essential For Olive Oil In Mediterranean Diet

Monday, April 07th, 2014 2:39pm

Oil And Vinegar Cruet

An Oil And Vinegar Cruet Is Essential For Storing Olive Oil

A large amount of olive oil use in cooking recipes and consumption is one feature of the Mediterranean diet that makes it unique when compared to other traditional diets. Because of the common healthy use of olive oil, there is no need for use of saturated fats like vegetable shortening, butter, or margarine. The only time butter is actually used is when certain desserts are being prepared, and even then the amount of butter used is minimal. So, olive oil is the choice of healthy fat for cooking, for salad dressings, bread spreads, and condiment use when drizzled over a completed dish. Since olive oil is mainly composed of monounsaturated fat, it is considered to be heart healthy and actually helps prevent heart disease. Olive oil intake amounts are largely determined by how much energy is required (for caloric intake) for the day. Despite energy requirements, all traditional Mediterranean customs recommend substituting olive oil for all fats that could be used in cooking, on salads, and at the table as a spread or condiment. The easiest way to take advantage of consuming Omega-3 fatty acids is to put olive oil in your salad dressing.

What Kind Of Olive Oil Cruet Is Needed For The Mediterranean Diet?

Then comes the question… What do you store olive oil in that will keep it fresh and without it absorbing what container it is being stored in? You would never want to use plastic, because the olive oil would be ruined and the plastic would absorb the oil and it would be ruined as well. Your best choice would be the oil and vinegar cruet, found at Unlike many identical cruets, this unique grape cruet as shown in the picture is made out of the highest quality break resistant glass, and it is designed to withstand extreme elements. You won’t have to worry about it breaking upon the second use and your olive oil goes to waste.

Olive oil is also used commonly with fish and poultry, which is more commonly eaten than red meat like beef, but even these are eaten in lesser portions than they are in North America. Fish is consumed because it provides good fats–omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to help prevent heart disease. Fish is also a popular choice for providing lean protein. There are many recipes that chicken and fish is prepared with olive oil.

Mediterranean natives choose to raise poultry instead of cattle because it takes less land and feed to raise poultry. Therefore, there is an added economic advantage to raising poultry. As a great substitute for beef, meat from poultry gives food flavor and adds lean protein to the regular diet. Also, fish and poultry can be eaten two to four times a week as a main dish (3-ounce serving), or you can eat it more often if you consume it in smaller portions.

Eggs, Sweets, and Red Meats: Rare Mediterranean foods
The Mediterranean diet rarely includes eggs, sweets, and red meats. Eggs may have a place in the making of certain breads and some desserts, but they won’t be found as a breakfast item for the morning meal. As noted earlier, sweets are are not consumed as a part of a meal. Instead, sweets are set aside for consumption during special occasions. Lamb and pork are common meats in the Mediterranean diet. It is very rare to see a recipe including the use of beef. Meats like roasts and other large meat quantities are only reserved for special occasions. When it comes to the Mediterranean diet, meat tends to act as a condiment for vegetables or pasta and is never considered the main ingredient. So, meat is treated almost the way we would use garlic, peppers, or onion—for flavoring.

So if someone wants to benefit from the fat, protein, vitamins, and minerals meats have, then they would best be served by eating lamb, pork, and beef as an occasional main dish item (no more than a 3-ounce serving). If they are often used, it is only as a condiment to season a dish as stated earlier (i.e., no more than 1 ounce per person). Veal stew is a nice stew filled with plenty of vegetables. A popular dessert for special occasions is the Orange-Walnut Semolina Cake that uses nuts and olive oil in its recipe.

To put it simply, the Mediterranean diet is a diet that promotes large quantities of pasta, breads (preferably whole-grain varieties), rice, and other grains. It also promotes the consumption of a large diversity of vegetables, legumes, and fruits. Olive oil, poultry, fish, and regional wines are also a traditional part of Mediterranean cuisines. Most cuisines have fresh foods that are rarely processed, which makes their foods very healthy and fat friendly. Also, the foods are cooked in such a way as to preserve natural flavors. It’s the balanced nutrition this diet promotes that has gained the interest of scientists who are now glad to promote what they have termed the Mediterranean diet.

The Oil And Vinegar Cruet In The Healthy Mediterranean Diet

Monday, March 10th, 2014 5:17pm

How Can The Oil And Vinegar Cruet From Be Of Use In The Mediterranean Diet? Is The World Leader In Affordable Premier Quality Oil And Vinegar Cruets

When you look at the traditional Mediterranean diet, you realize this diet applauds a diversity of foods, eating what is freshest and seasonally available at the current moment, eating plenty of grain, vegetables, and fruits, and eating foods low in fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol, and especially olive oil. You will notice a significantly lower amount of fat intake than the typical, poor American diet. Also, you will find out that most Mediterranean dishes rarely use salt, and desserts are only for special occasions and not eaten as a part of the daily diet. There are so many uses, recipes, and dishes that are part of the Mediterranean Diet that involve olive oil. Salads, vinaigrette dressings, and bread dipping that include olive oil are very common. In order to store your favorite extra virgin olive oil, you will want a cruet that will last long, without breaking upon minimal use. has the best and finest oil and vinegar cruet that will last for all your olive oil and vinegar storage needs.

These same food guidelines of the Mediterranean diet that include olive oil are also found in the USDA’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans. In addition to the dietary needs, both the USDA and the Mediterranean diet advocate balancing your diet with adequate physical activity to keep or improve your current weight. (This is why people embracing the traditional Mediterranean culture are usually very active during the day, doing work as farmers or performing other types of physical labor.)

Another part of the Mediterranean Diet is bread dipping with olive oil. Here is where you will need your oil and vinegar cruet the most. This Mediterranean Diet appetizer is very easy but essential. Pour the olive oil from the oil and vinegar cruet into a dipping dish. Then, simply dip your favorite bread in the best extra virgin olive oil there is to buy. Eat and enjoy, because this is one of the life saving and most easiest recipes of the Mediterranean Diet.

There are other noteworthy dietary plans that did not originate with the American Heart Association (AHA). For example, the Egyptian diet is influenced by the cuisines made in Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria. Popular cuisines include vegetable stews, rice and pasta, salads, and bread. More traditional cuisines include fried eggplant; mixed or grilled salads usually with grilled eggplant, beetroot, potato, mushrooms, chickpeas, black eyed peas, cauliflower, sesame butter, artichokes, onions, spinach, and tomatoes; soups made with onion, tomato, yellow lentils, and other vegetables; a variety of dried bean dishes; mixed dishes of ground meat, rice and lentils with tomato sauce; garlic and potatoes stuffed grape leaves; walnut sauce; and a variety of breads.

Although it is a very small country, Lebanon’s cuisine has a high impact on the world’s eating habits. This is because their diet closely resembles the Mediterranean diet. The Lebanese diet consists of: whole grains, seafood, fruits, and vegetables. The Lebanese diet rarely uses meat in the diet; but when they do, it is generally chicken or lamb meat. Garlic and olive oil are considered chief flavorings in the diet of Lebanon (with very rare use of butter and cream). There is a high intake of raw, cooked, and pickled vegetables in almost every meal. The country’s national dish is fresh lamb and bulgur wheat paste that is often served together with yogurt sauce. Bread, which is often seasoned with olive oil, is an important part of every dish. Other cultural Lebanese dishes include a salad of bulgur wheat, parsley, and mint; a toasted bread salad; a paste of chickpeas, sesame butter, olive oil, lemon juice, and parsley; and a roasted eggplant puree.

Aceto Balsamico Balsamic Vinegar’s Wide Range Of Home Use

Monday, February 10th, 2014 10:56am

Aceto Balsamico Modena Balsamic Vinegar

Even though Aceto Balsamico, commonly known as balsamic vinegar is great on the table, it can be used for more than just culinary purposes. A bowl of distilled vinegar placed on an end table is perfect for removing offensive tobacco odors in a room. It is great for cleaning teakettles and coffee pots. All you do is use a half a cup of vinegar and boil in the teakettle and run through the coffee pot to remove lime deposits and grime. Rinse thoroughly and you’re back in business! Remove that ugly bumper sticker right off by gently rubbing vinegar over it until it comes off.

As far as unconventional cooking methods are concerned, make perfectly poached eggs by adding a teaspoon of aceto balsamico balsamic vinegar to the water. Combine a teaspoon of sugar and a teaspoon of vinegar to rescue that sauce, stew, or soup that’s too salty. Or, enhance the taste of a variety of meals by adding the Italian balsamic vinegar as an extra seasoning. With this Italian balsamic vinegar, the possibilities are almost endless!

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